Researching and choosing a technology or any other product is not easy, especially for those who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. With a desire to provide the best products for your needs, Especialproducts (Handy Guide) have developed a leading website that provides objective and up-to-date information on technologies such as games, phones, computers, electronics, etc.

Especialproducts (Handy Guide) leading experts are always committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest news, especially on PCs and technology products in general. We use consumer reports, experience results, AI, and big data to evaluate and sort our products. The Especialproducts (Handy Guide) team always works hard to provide the most objective ratings.

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Why should you trust Especialproducts (Handy Guide)?

Trust is the biggest motivation for Especialproducts (Handy Guide) members to work hard every day. Especialproducts (Handy Guide) values ​​your trust. Because your satisfaction is the main goal for us, this why we are operating this website. Therefore, only products that have been tested and used are mentioned. Our team members will especially evaluate the detailed features and quality of each product.

Most important is our team practices and tests the product before evaluating and advising users. We can determine whether a product is suitable for your needs. The pros and cons of this product are also clearly presented for research purposes.

It will be inconvenient to use a technology that doesn’t suit your needs. It isn’t enjoyable for those who love both games and technology. Especialproducts (Handy Guide) are your trust because you are a tech enthusiast and a true gamer!

How we work

For example, We understand your confusion about choosing an actual gaming PC or other tech product. Today there is so much information with hundreds of reviews and thousands of options that you can’t make a final decision. But even if your budget is too big or you don’t have enough knowledge about the product, we will help you own a suitable PC.

We research our products very carefully by reviewing and purchasing products on this website to experience the actual functionality firsthand. Especialproducts (Handy Guide) leading experts support the most objective assessments. Of course, we don’t care about big brands these days.

With these product reviews and each article’s quality, Especialproducts (Handy Guide) members want to hear from you so we can make better articles.

Our promise

Both the authenticity of reviews and product quality is at the heart of Especialproducts (Handy Guide) existence due to user trust. Knowing this differently than anyone else, we work every day to meet the needs of our users. Besides, we always focus on our consumers and work hard to help you make the best decisions to choose any product.