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The most popular question many cat parents ask is, why does my cat lick me? Kelly said, my cat continuously licking me; she is a good queen. But when she requires attention, all she wants to do is kiss her wherever her skin touches. Not even kissing my arms, hands, and bends. She literally lays her feet on me and then cleans me Licks me once or twice. She takes it very seriously. I think it’s a gesture. But is there any method to smoothly convince her to quit?”

A queen’s tongue is considered one of its most important assets. Cat with their tongues reached with nipples spend 40-50 percent of their time groom themselves using curved spines and keeping their coats clean. Many cat owners spend a lot of time cleaning, and asking “Why is my cat licking me?”.

Why do cats like to lick you? We’ll talk about why cats want to lick you first, then show you how to convince them to consider better options—also, groom you to save your skin.

6 Reasons Why Cats Lick You

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While it’s impossible to know from some studies, veterinarians and feline behavior experts have come up with a few reasons why cats sometimes lick you back.

1-To Express Love

In the case of cats, licking is not only grooming but more an expression of love. By licking your face or other cats or animals, your cat builds social connections. This behavior may be due to the cat mother lick the kitten for groom and to show love and care. Multiple cats bring this habit throughout their adult beings, and By licking humans, cats convey the same feelings.

2-Mark Her Area

Queen can “Mark their area” in several ways, including rubbing their cheeks, scratching, spraying them, and, unfortunately, licking. Licking is another way queen can pretend to be their personal. If your cat licks you to let other animals and queen know who you are, family for her.

3-To Take Care of You

While your kitten may not know that licking isn’t conducive to “cleanliness,” this practice is regular for cats. We’ve already mentioned that mothers prepare their kittens to guide them in doing things for themselves, showing affection, and building emotional bonds.

According to Marci, certified behaviorist and trainer. The groups of cats that live unitedly can do identified as all groomers. Cats groom and lick cats that are part of the group. If you see your cat lick you, he may try to act as an all-groomer. Who cleans you up and builds your rank with their club.

4-Try Something New

It may sound ridiculous and straightforward, but it can lick you because your cat gets a new taste in your face. Perhaps you spilled something or got in touch with something that dropped marks on your body, and your queen enjoys the taste. Sweating when it’s hot or exercising can leave you with unpleasant salts to taste.

It’s interesting to note that a cat’s tongue designs for grooming, but its taste is fragile compared to humans. Cats are recognized mammals that do not detect sweetness.

5-Get Recognition

Another cause your cat licks you may be because it needs your consideration. If your cat likes to pick you up, feed, pay recognition. Your kitten lick you because they may be trying to get your attention. In this scenario, the licking behavior may be similar to other cats’ attention-grabbing behaviors, such as claws or meowing.

6-To Manage Stress or Anxiety.

After all, your kitten can lick you when stressed or emphasized. Extreme licking or grooming can often be a sign of a medical problem, So your cat may lick itself or lick you to reduce anxiety or stress. Cat can licks you when they move to a new place or encounter a difference in their surroundings.

Generally, this type of licking is nothing to annoy about, except your cat is groom itself in a way that causes rough or hairy areas. In this situation, it is best to discuss what you can do to correct this behavior with your doctor.

Why Does it Annoy me when my Cat Licks me?

The most direct answer to Why does my cat lick me?” Why does it bother me when my cat licks me? First off, the answer is obvious.

As discussed first, a cat’s tongue does cover with tiny bones called papillae. These bumps contain keratin, the equal element that forms the basis of human nails. Because cat groom themselves and go through a natural grooming process, the structure of their tongues is robust for saliva to penetrate the skin and loosen the fur, separating particles such as dust and dispersed lubricants.

So if your cat lick you and keeps rubbing its spine-covered tongue against your face, you can get a minor injury. This is why queen tongues do often thought of like sandpaper.

How Do I Stop my Cat from Licking me?

If your kitten is constantly groom herself and lick your face, don’t worry about licking. It’s a cat’s instinctive reaction. However, it can be not very pleasant to see constantly licking you because of the rough texture of your cat’s tongue.

If you want to reduce this behavior, your best bet is to shift her focus. If your cat likes to be cuddled, you can give it stroking to prevent it from licking. You can also give her toys for playing with that can distract you from licking. Also, you can run away and leave your car alone if she licks you too much.

If your cat licks you, no need to worry, and it might be fun. But if you are annoyed about your queen’s behavior, it’s a good idea to seek advice from your veterinarian.

How to prevent your cat from being lonely


  • Keep the TV on
  • Practice the candy container.
  • Turn on your music when you’re away.
  • Give them toys for playing with.


  • Hire a pet keeper
  • Arrange another cat for a suitable playmate.
  • Invite your relatives or friends.

Why is a Cat’s Tongue so Rough and Pointy?

Cats have rough tongues. They have many spines similar to the fibers of wild boar bristles. The stiff structure of a cat’s tongue, the hairs are called papillae, is composed of backward-facing taste buds that serve as survival aids. They help clean the fur and get food. Also, they help cats remove meat from their bones (not standard for modern cats) and support separate meals and trash from their skins.

The bumps on your cat’s tongue also help your queen to drink. In fact, instead of dipping their tongues into water and sucking up everything that comes in, they can lift their tongues to form a small water column. Then they quickly shut their mouths in the water. It’s great and natural.

How Much Cat Lick is Enough Licking?

Few times our cute cats start licking their lips too often. In the beginning, we may not even be aware of it. We recognize she is a cute kitten or queen basking in the sun, licking the messy food debris from our clothes. However, there are times when licking becomes extreme and dangerous. Why does this happen?

An alarm when your cat starts to spend a significant amount of time licking itself or you (e.g., 30-60 minutes or more per session). After licking the skin for a few minutes, it starts to get irritated. If your cat licks a lot, you can see your cat’s thin coat or if you are experiencing hair loss. If the problem gets worse, you may see itchy skin areas that may be infected or bleeding.

There are several reasons for this problem.

  • Unrest
  • Allergy or skin irritation
  • Helminth

Anxious cats tend to be cleaner. Because Anxiety can be a characteristic of a queen’s nature or caused by stress in the environment, dermis sensitivities, diseases, and parasites can cause itching or strange sensations on your cat’s skin. They may lead your cat to deal with the problem by scratching and licking, which is the most effective way to know! To solve most of these problems, your doctor may designate medication because Allergy pills and pet phobia treatments are also available.

How to Stop Continuous Licking?

Refraining from extreme licking from your cat can be tricky. This habit usually arises from feelings of love and concern, so it can be challenging to end without hurting the connection.

The most effective way to stop licking is to change your cat’s movements. For instance, if your cat lick your face, turn around from your pet. It is also possible to move away from the cat once the queen starts licking. This one is the best to stop her.


Suppose you see that your cat has a habit of constantly lick your face; it may be because of her sincere respect for you, her desire to turn you into a cat, or simply bringing attention. It can also do caused by stress. If you think this is your scenario, talk to your doctor. Overall, remember that your cat is your lover and regards you as one of her friends.

Written by John Smith


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