How To Make Your Airpods Louder – Solve Volume Errors

How To Solve AirPods Low Volume Problems


Not happy with the sound of your AirPods? Don’t you sound like AirPods the usual way? Never mind; So, we will help you to decide How To Make Your Airpods Louder. Yes, that is possible. We understand the frustration when your AirPods can start creating problems when you’re trying to relish music.In this article, we will talk about some exciting hacks to help you manage the volume size of your AirPods on both iOS and Android gadgets.

Here Are Ten Quick Tips To Fix AirPods Louder Issue

1-Inquire Siri

We trouble Siri all day by asking all kinds of questions. So why not in times of need? For example, if you have trouble amplifying your voice, you can ask Siri to do it for you.But this is different. The sound of your AirPods does determine by the device where the sound starts. So if the music is playing on your iPhone, then Siri can help you convert it. However, if you use Airplay and your Apple TV is connected, Siri takes the advice to increase the volume of the Apple TV instead of your AirPods.

2-Order Your AirPods

With all of these gadgets in place, there may be times when you may do tempted to charge your AirPods. However, if your AirPods suddenly drop the volume, the low charge can be a problem. So we said to allow them for a few hours and then try the sound.

3-AirPods Cleaning

Oh, it may sound icky, but collecting earwax on your AirPods can disturb the volume. Therefore, It is advisable and recommended to clean your AirPods regularly. It would be good if you were careful not to wear dirty and wet clothes to clean the AirPods. Do not use a brush or other tools to clean the AirPods trap. Always use a soft or floss or toothbrush with soft bristles to clean them.

4-Adjust The Balance

Most of our AirPods are not bad. However, perhaps the type of music you are listening to requires a different setting to be heard in the right way. If your AirPods don’t give you the right idea for louder music, you can try changing the controller’s settings. It’s easy to do. First, go to setting, then music, and click Equalizer. Next, change the new presentation style for the song. For example, if you want more or more jazz bass, then play a little with the settings until you get the louder sound you want.

5-Check If The Two Ears Do Connect To The Same Sound

Sometimes you may notice that one ear sounds a little lower or louder than the other ear. The availability of settings may exacerbate this problem.So, quickly follow a few steps to fix this:

  • open the setting.
  • Go to the standard section.
  • Then click on accessibility.
  • Lastly, go to the Listening page and check the centre of the slide. If the drop is not in the middle, then melt it to fix this problem.
Airpods louder

6-Connect Your AirPods

You have to think that your AirPods and iPhone are two different types. Therefore, they understand the meaning of full voice or louder voice in the other way. In this case, you need to connect your AirPods with your iPhone to sync the audio.

some simple steps for you to follow:

  • Firstly, connecting the AirPods with your iPhone and after play sound.
  • Then set the low volume of your AirPods so you can hear nothing in music.
  • Disconnect your AirPods and play sound again using your iPhone speaker.
  • Then, turn the volume back to a low level and attach your AirPods to your iPhone.
  • Turn on the volume and see if it solves your problem.

7-Upgrade Your AirPods

AirPods can upgrade themselves. But there may be times during firmware upgrades that your AirPods won’t refuse to do so.

Follow these steps to backup your AirPods:

  • Install your AirPods in the charging case and connect the plug
  • After Then keep your iOS device close to the subject, and by doing this, your AirPods will update themselves.

8-Restart Your Gadget

After all the steps have been taken, your device may require restarting. First, disconnect your Bluetooth and restart your device.

9-Adjust The Volume Limit

Not only does Apple intend to provide you with the best technology out there, but also remember not to hurt your ears. To ensure your safety, Apple has set a volume limit on your iPhone according to the Health guidelines for earbuds. This one is probably the reason for that low -pitched Sound. You can change this by using the settings menu and adjusting the volume limit in the music selection.

If you are a user of an iOS 14.3 device, then you will no longer see this option. But Apple has graciously offered to replace it with a similar arrangement.

Follow the guidelines listed to change your Volume:

  • Then, navigate to settings and go to Sound.
  • Now tap on the headphone protection.
  • Then click on Turn down loud sounds.
  • In last, press the Volume Down button and drag the slider to the highest level.

10-Reconfigure AirPods To Factory Settings

If nothing grind for you, you can always try resetting your AirPods. This one will solve many problems and shut down your AirPods.

Follow these steps to restarting your AirPods:

  • First, attach your AirPods to the charging case and remove the end of the cover.
  • Then press and hold the back button of the case, and the white light will turn red three times.
  • Now close the lid throughout the process.

Then try reconnecting your AirPods to your gadget. This way may solve any software errors or make your AirPods louder. The AirPods may take care of the isolation in the first place and fix the problem on its own.


aidpods louder with android


Tips How To Make Your Airpods Louder On Android

Android users also face significant problems with their AirPods.

Follow these steps to resolve your issue:

  • Open the configuration menu.
  • Tick at the top of the page and click the system menu.
  • Find the “Build Number”  in the “About Phone” section.
  • You need to click the “Build Number” of your phone seven times, and then you will get a notification thanking you for being the developer.
  • Lastly, press down to close the “Total Volume” and search for On Status.


All the ways raise in the article worked. So we encourage you to try the same. If the problem persists after following all the steps we have listed, we suggest you contact a specialist or visit the Apple store. We hope you’ve found the post on how to make your AirPods louder is good.

Here is the list of Best AirPods with Louder Volume.

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