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Cats in Heat – Estrus Cycles

We had the privilege of growing two charming kittens a few years ago that are still in infancy. We fed our kittens and watched them grow into healthy, adult teenage cats. But then we realized that the queen started behaving strangely and that it was because they had reached sexual adulthood if your cat is in the heat! What would you do if you felt this strange behavior and a different mating cycle from your pet’s cunning mate? What are the signs of a cat in the heat? How do you treat your cat when it’s in oestrus.  Also, if you desire to evade undesired cat pregnancy)? We will look at this in more detail in the following article. Also, learn the most effective ways to how often do cats go into heat.

What Does it indicate When Your Cat is in Heat?

You’ve probably heard the expression cat in oestrus, for means when the queen’s spreads the mate and becomes breeding. In cats, this regular heat sequence starts between 5 and 10 months of age.

Yes, especially in cats that have not been exposing to many other wild cats. During the extreme heat, the natural and robust partner instinct makes them mate with the reverse sex cat nearby. Cats won’t follow any practices regarding what people believe they should act. You can successfully manage your queen in oestrus, so firstly, it’s best to recognize the warning signs for cats in heat.

Heat Signs and Symptoms in Cats

cats heat

Watch for signs and symptoms of oestrus that your queen may have when they experience it. Cats can:

  • Cat make suspicious sound in heat
  • become extra uncomfortable
  • Crawl Little vulgar
  • Show Infinite affection for things, humans, and pets.
  • They tend to groom their genitals more often.
  • Trying to leave out
  • Assuming mating condition
  • Peeing to mark an area
  • Detached with food

It doesn’t matter if the queen moans, meows, walks roughly, rubs on her private body segments. If your pet is exhibiting these behaviors, it could signify that your kitty is developing heat. Let’s take a more intimate look at the queen’s oestrus cycle and the cat’s stealthy point.

Do Cats Have Periods?

The female cats have monthly periods but are different from human females. Cats and particular creatures absorb the old endometrium instead of bleed it, instead of washing it out, as females do every 32 days. This one occurs during the estrus sequence, which does describe below.

Although little volumes of serum may bleed in the heat periods that cats are experiencing, Bleed is more natural for female cats to exhibit symptoms in which the cat experiences temperatures higher than its normal body heat. So, call your veterinarian if you see any worrying bleeding in your queen.

What Do You do About a Cat in Heat?

Cat heat can be tricky for yourself and your pet.

Some sound are as disturbing as the growl of a cat in the oestrus. If you have regularly woken up to the roar of a queen rustling from a window, you understand how disturbing if it can continue. So you wear earplugs or put your head on a cushion and hope she finds another place, or you hear less sound from your in heat neighbor cat.

But if your cat has been your roommate for a while, you wish and hope your queen gets ahead. Here are some guidelines you can apply to alleviate the anxiety and sounds caused by your cats mating period.

1-Extra Stroking and Brushing Throughout Heat Cycles

For particular cats, a concise more concentration can help relieve the stress of heat. Your cat needs more attention at home when the queen is in oestrus, and you’ll find that it calms your cat and helps control her anxiety level.

2-Heat Cats May Want More Playtime.

The desire to be a partner with a cat is instinctive. Hunting is also required. To entertain your queen with exciting toys that will stimulate the passion of the hunter. It can distract her mind from other things.

3-Let the Cat Go Out

Few cats favor being lonely during the heat, except surrounded by the signs of a possible partner. Cats can be angry or aggressive but don’t take them subjectively. Ensure she has an enclosed, suitable area, like a pet tree or a top-shelf in a room, wherever she can leave the chaos when she needs quiet and peaceful time.

4-Herbal Medications for Heat Cats

Few cat keepers affirm natural medicines, which may be valid to some extent. The Herbal treatment is also a well-known option and maybe a good option if you find out that catnip has a calming impact on your cats. But, You should avoid an overdose of natural remedies for your queen’s body.

5-Securing Boundaries

A cat exhausted from the heat will be a proficient escape at best. Ensure your house is safe and secure with all possible escape routes like house windows, dog doors, easy-to-open shelter entrances.

6-Play Soft Music While Your Cat’s Heat Cycle

People are not the solely notable who like melody. Animals like it too. So Experience jazz, classic and ambient music in the comfort of your home. It’s not too early to see if it can help your cat stay calm and drown out its cries.

7-Purify to Your Cat to Bypass Heat Cycle Problems

Disinfecting cats at heat is not optimal, according to maximum doctors. It is possible, but the risk of complications from surgery is more incredible.

If you’re unsure and don’t plan to mate with your cats, consider neutering. Then you don’t need to bother about this tomorrow. It also stops the birth of unwanted puppies.

8-Keep Trash Containers Clean

Cats prefer to consider their area, primarily in heat. Keeping your kittens’ bin free of rash and urine can inspire your pet to keep markings instead of a sofa or carpet. It is also a great approach to stay away from ammonia-based detergents as they can cause misting.

9-Stay Calm During Your Cat in Heat

Cats that are loud, energetic, and prone to escaping can be annoyed by heat. However, it is essential to watch out for cats. The pet didn’t ask to get tired of the estrus. Your little compassion and patience can help them beat the heat with minimum anxiety and stress.

Stages of the Cats Heat Cycle

Every female cat goes within a regular heat period unless they are neutered or expecting. This one is also called the estrus cycle. Throughout this season, cats can breed and mate. That is the mating season and the birth of kittens. The different stages of the cat heat cycle are:

Proestrus Cycle

At this point, it may attract a female cat to an unneutered male cat. She is not ready to mate yet. On this step, which can last up to 1-2 days, cats show no usual symptoms of heat.

Estrus Cycle

Cats go into heat, also known as estrus or oestrus. In seven days, she is open to mating and brings gestures to the male cat. It will also show the appearance of a heated pet. As it gets warmer and heavier, the production of hormones increases, leading to the process of ovulation. Cats may mate various times throughout this session before shifting pregnant. Also, kittens can be born to by multiple fathers if the female cat is pregnant.

Interestrus Cycle

If the queen is not pregnant or mating during the estrous period, the cat enters the Interestrus cycle or the period time within heat. In this case, cats will not show any signs of heat. Within a few days or at one month, the queen will again go in another heat process. The Proestrus, estrus, and Interestrus cycles repeat during the breeding period.

Anestrus cycle

The ultimate staging is known as Anestrus and is the period during which the cat’s generative order becomes inactive. As the cat mating period is usually a season, it is a period of no activity related to estrus. The heat sequence usually runs from springtime to fall season, with longer days of light stimulating your cat’s hormones. In the cold winter and late autumn, your queen may not confer any heat. But, unnatural burning can mean that your queen needs to maintain appropriate estrus all year round.

So, if you see the strange execution in your pet behavior and are unsure queen in heat or not. Then communicate with your veterinarian for help.

How often Does a Female Cat come To Her Partner?

Cats can form dioestrous, depending on the season. This one indicates that the breeding season can have many cycles. The cats mating period varies depending on conditions and geographic circumstances such as temperature and sunlight. In the Northern Region, cats typically mate from January to late autumn. However, cats that breathe in hot areas or primarily indoors can be mating all year round.

How Long Cat Stay in Heat?

Each heat column typically remains many days with a median of 6 days. If the cat does not have mating throughout estrus, she can avoid the heat for a while. Thus, a whole estrus period in cats is within 1 to 6 weeks, with a typical duration is three weeks.

How Long is a Cats Pregnancy Last?

A cat’s pregnancy period is about 62-71 days. The average is two months, three days.

How can you stop undesired pregnancies in cats?

The most reliable method to stop undesired cat pregnancy is to have your pet neutered when it is sexually mature. Male cats must also sterilize to avoiding undesired births with neighboring female cats.

Here’s a prompt review of what you can do to restrict your kitty from mating during the heat.

  • Ensure your cat has been neutered or sterilized before or on the same day as the first estrous cycle.
  • Track the location of your queen using your cat tracking device as a movement informant.
  • If pleasant, detached your male and queen cats at your home if more than one cat is in the heat.
  • If you doubt your cat is undergoing a heat cycle, do not leave your cat outside.
  • Build a Cat House so your queen can enjoy the outdoors, but it’s safe from other kitties.


Hopefully, now you know the symptoms of a pet getting in estrus, how long does a cat stay in heat and its many components, how often cats go into heat, and how to prevent unplanned cat pregnancies. As we discussed, Cat heat mode can begin as early as about five months, and it is appropriate to sterilize at this time. The most reliable method to stop unwanted pregnancies in your pet is to spayed your cat or purchase a GPS tracking device that tracks your queens’ activity. This will allows the cats to explore their surroundings while resting from their natural heat cycle and enjoying peace of mind.

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