Can You Put Wax Paper In The Oven – Or Parchment Paper


If you like to cook, so you will know how essential papers are for your kitchen. As you know, all papers are made differently. Similarly, the papers that are used in cooking and baking. They are also prepared in different ways. We are going to talk about two excellent papers here, which are used mainly in the kitchen. These two papers are wax paper and parchment paper. We will discuss these two papers in detail here.  Also, We’ll take a closer look at their uses, features, and disadvantages here. We have kept in mind everything you want to know about wax paper andparchment so that you can decide which paper is best for your kitchen. Firstly, we answer the questions frequently asked, “can you put wax paper in the oven.” And the second central question is? can you put parchment paper in the oven:

Wax paper

What Is Wax Paper

Wax paper is also now waxed or paraffin paper and is a moisture-proof, non-stick paper coated with food-grade wax. It is available in rolls and precut sheets. After exposure to high heat, the wax vaporizes, leaving paper resembling parchment paper.

Can You Put Wax Paper In The Oven?

Wax paper emphasizes a thin, waxy layer on each side that makes it both non-stick and moisture resistant(though it tends to absorb more water than the parchment paper). Its great substitute for parchment paper usually ends up costing twice as much. They might look similar, but they have several purposes in the kitchen. Wax paper has a coating of wax on both sides. This one makes it non-stick and prevents the absorption of water and oil.

But it cannot use it for baking or cooking as it is not heat-resistant. Because high temperatures will melt the wax, and the paper can catch on fire. So, don’t use wax paper to line cake pans to put in in a hot oven. Wax paper is safe for many purposes, But it does not safe when you put it into the oven. It has a low melting point. So it will melt in the oven and may make smoke. It also can be attach to your food.

Wax Paper Pros

  • Costs less than parchment paper
  • Available in most stores
  • Non-stick
  • Reduces clean up
  • Can use it to roll out biscuits and pie crusts without added flour
  • Microwave oven safe
  • Use to separate sticky foods for freezing or storage(brownies, burritos, soft cookies, sliced cakes)

Wax Paper Cons

  • Do not expose it to direct high oven heat
  • Oven heat melts and vaporizes wax
  • Vaporized wax has a pungent odor
  • No reuseable
  • It is water-resistant but not watertight
parchment paper

What Is Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper, also know as baking paper, is paper treated or coated to make it non-stick. Unlike wax paper, an acid bath process or silicone coating makes parchment paper non-stick. Unfortunately, parchment paper manufacturers may not identify what methodology was used. You can also buy parchment paper that has been bleached (white) or unbleached(tan). Some parchment papers are biodegradable. And also available in rolls and precut shapes. Rolled parchment paper may be more economical than precut shapes because you cut it to fit many pan shapes and sizes.

Can You Put Parchment Paper In The Oven?

Parchment paper is also a non-stick-like wax paper and prevents the absorption of water and oil. But as it is coated with silicone, it can be used in the oven and used for lining baking pans because this will keep cakes from sticking to the pans. For a round cake pan, trace a circle on the paper, then cut out the around. For a baking sheet, Cut the paper with the required length, and for a loaf pan, cut a small rectangle and line the base. If you don’t have cupcake liners, you can line the muffin pan like a cupcake.

Parchment Paper Pros

  • Available in rolls and many precut sizes
  • Reduce clean up
  • Microwave oven and oven safe
  • Can use it to prevent foods from sticking to stainless steel cookware
  • Can substitute it for aluminum foil to line baking pans
  • Use to bake fish and other foods
  • can be re-using to bake slices of bread and cookies.

Parchment Paper Cons

  • Costs more than wax paper.
  • May is not available in some areas
  • It is non-stick after exposure to high heat
  • Must lour the paper to roll out doughs.

Wax Paper And Parchment Difference

Wax paper is marketed for protected surfaces, microwave-safe and easy cleaning. Many consumers asked the common question: Can I use wax paper to line baking sheets and pans to prevent cakes and cookies from sticking? So the makers of most brands of wax paper clearly warn against exposing it to oven heat. The caveat of this caution is “direct heat.” For example, Lining the bottom of a baking pan with wax paper limits or prevents exposure to direct heat. But melted wax can still coat the pan and food. Exposing wax paper to direct oven heat melts and vaporizes the wax. The melted wax can cover foods, and the vaporized wax produces a pungent odor. Think of the smell of burning candles.

Like wax paper, parchment paper prevents foods from sticking and reduces cleanup. Unlike wax paper, it can expose parchment paper to direct oven heat. Also, Can reuse this sheet of parchment paper to baked another batch of cookies. Most brand of parchment papers does rated oven safe to 425f or 218c. At that temperature, you can use parchment paper to roast vegetables and make oven-fried potatoes. Or bake cakes, slices of bread, biscuits, cookies, muffins, pastries, and much more. Professional bakers use parchment paper to prevent foods from sticking and reduce cleanup. You can also use parchment paper for cooking and baking foods.

The Common Ways To Use These Papers

we can use both of them for;

  • For making chocolate decorations
  • Rolling out fondant or cookie doughs
  • As a base for buttercream flowers which can be then quickly transfer to the cakes
  • Easy cone for piping melted chocolate
  • Wrapping of chocolate and candies
  • Avoid baked goods from sticking together by putting a sheet of paper between each layer.


So, when not cooking with heat, you can use wax paper and parchment paper interchangeably. But when cooking with a heated oven, you should use parchment paper only. For parchment paper, check the package for details regarding the maximum temperatures to be use. But most of them are oven safe up to 420f/215c. If you don’t have parchment paper, grease the pan with butter and put in some flour. Now rotate the pan, So that the flour coats all the sides. Dust the remaining flour.

If you are making multiple batches, you can reuse the same parchment paper. As they don’t absorb moisture, you can serve the dishes like cookies, baked fish, or chicken on them. Wax paper is not heat-resistant, unlike parchment paper. If I can’t use aluminum foil, why don’t I plop down some wax paper? It’s true. Wax paper is non-stick. But it is not heat resistant, and it should never go in the oven.

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