How To Wrap Hands For Boxing And Wrap Buying guide


How To Wrap Your Hands For boxing?


A boxer will suffer more hand injuries during their careers than any other type of injury. There are numerous tiny bones in your hand, so it is essential to take all precautions to protect your hands. Wrapping your hands is the best way to prevent injury and keep you from enjoying this sport. We understand the value of guarding your hands, so we created the following guidelines applying standard hand wraps. This Guide helps you how to wrap hands for boxing? Also, there are many other ways. But, here is an overview of hand protection.

Concerning Your Hands

Consider what your hands do for you each day and the difficulties you will confront if you injure them. There are 27 various dimensions and forms of bones in hand. These bones are metacarpals (the bone in the middle of the hand), carpals, and phalanges.

These bones and joints all operate collectively to help you achieve what you want in life. It is vital to take precautions during training to avoid hand injuries. So, it is essential to learn how to wrap hands for boxing and use gloves when needed.

Pressure And Power While Boxing Training

After discussing why you should protect it, let’s discuss what your wrists and hands can withstand while training. It applies force to the wrists, hands, and knuckles, as well as the fist. Both environmental and conditional factors can influence the type of pressure you feel.


Knock Type

A punch can look fast, but a well-located given hook can do damage to your opponent and hands.

Punch Position

A small mistake while bouncing rope can roll your joint. This also applies if you are insignificantly off-target while punching.

Mitt Point

If your fighting associate is higher than you or heavier than average, this can affect how your punches land.

Punching Bag Stiffness

A brand-new, heavier punching bag can have a distinctive impact than the old one used for home training.

Boxing Glove Weight

Despite the minor weight change, it can affect the strength of your punches and their impact on your bones and limbs.

Without wrap your hand, it can be dangerous. So, taking precautions to defend your soft tissues and joints can hold your hands alive for times to appear. If you like boxing and other martial arts, wrap your hands. That’s why professional boxers wrap hands in the training, and it’s your practice too.

How wrap can help

If these factors can negatively affect your fist, you can use a wrap to support your wrist and hand. Wraps can also protect you from the wrong punching technique. If your hands are small, you can also use a wrap to protect your hands from irritation and movement.

Boxing is not dangerous, and we don’t think so; injuries can occur in any sport. You can train at any age if you take proper precautions and don’t use shortcuts. The wrap protects your hands and supports your wrists. Also, Hand wrap provides you these two points below.

Finger Joint Protection During Training

Your fists are most affected by boxing training. Repetitive force does create when sparring with someone or hitting a heavy bag. A layer of stuffing within the target and the knuckle defends the joint. It can also help prevent minor fractures that can lead to more significant problems later.

You can join each session by using a hand wrap under the glove. Additional padding is handy when hitting the gym. If you’re unsure where to find gloves and slings, you can check here for the best boxing gloves under budget.

Wrist Stabilization Throughout The Exercise

Your wrists may be weak. One wrong punch can seriously damage your wrist and wrinkle every aspect of your life. So, you can prevent Hyperextension by wrapping the wrist. It’s essential to keep your workout safe and support your wrists.

How To Wrap Your Hands For boxing

boxing wrap

Boxing is new and easy to learn. We wrap our hands before every session. If needed, a coach can help, but we encourage everyone to learn this technique and wrap it like a pro.

Wrap techniques

As all coaches have noticed, they can wrap their hands differently. There are several methods to how to wrap hands for boxing. However, the essential opinion is to protect your wrists and knuckles from damage.

However, it depends on the extent of your wrist and what you need to protect. You will be more satisfied obtaining a style you like and wrapping your hands. So here we guide you on one of the best ways for how to wrap hands for boxing.


Open your hands with your fingers divided apart. Start by wrapping the thumb loop around your hand. Make sure that the text on the cover does not touch your skin. Take the Coat across your hand rear and wrap it throughout your wrist 2-3 times.

For maximum support, wrap your hands high 2-3 inches above the wrist joint. The hand wrap should be tight but not too tight to block circulation.


Start by wrapping your thumbs. Then move the wrap to the thumb of your wrist. Wrap the little finger part of your hand with wrap. Continue to wrap your fingers.


Wrap your finger joints 2-3 times with your hands. Starting at the tip of the knuckle, wrap your hand around your wrist. This one will form an x design on the rear of your hand. Replicate this trim two or three times.


Wrap your thumb around your palms until they touch the base of your thumb. Wrap your thumb completely and rear approaching your wrist on the palm surface.


Proceed to cover the thumb nearby the rear of your hand. And again, repeat this procedure on the opposite side of your hand.


Wrap your thumb around your wrist and back of your hand.


Continue to wrap your wrist around the back of your hand. And continue wrapping your wrist in the space between your little and ring fingers. Also, Continue to wrap your wrist with your palm and bring it back to your wrist. Repeat this process for each finger.


When you do it with the last finger, wrap the palm of your hand and bring it back to your wrist.


Continue to wrap your hands around your back and extend your fingers towards your joints.


Starting at the top of the knuckle, wrap your hand around your wrist continuously.


Should tie the rest of the wrap around your wrist. Wrap it tightly to support your wrist.


Attach the Velcro strap, and That’s it.

What Points Should I Consider When Buying Boxing Hand Wraps?


Standard wraps are not flexible, which is great. Because, you need them to meet comfortably in your hand. The Mexican-style wrap is not more flexible and holds your hand like a mitt. Different people have different reasons for using Mexican-style wraps for their workouts. This wrap is not much flexible during exercise. But everyone takes its personal decision.


Reusable fabric hand wraps range from 108 to 210 inches in length. Long wraps are safer than short ones because there is more material to wrap your hands in. For those who spar or have large hands, a longer cloth wrap will be more advantageous. A short cloth wrap is better for shadow boxes with small hands.


Most hand wraps are about 2 inches wide but can vary. Some brands prefer more comprehensive wraps, while others make thinner wraps. Again, width is a personal decision and preference. When purchasing a wrap bandage, consider its width. Wraps have a better grip than those with Velcro.


Colors are entirely up to personal taste, but if you’re interested, it’s a good idea to choose a color that’s easy to clean and goes well with your outfit.


Wrap your hands thoroughly, learn how to wrap hands for boxing, and clench your fists. Make sure your wrists are not flexible, your wrists are tight, and your knuckles are entirely covered. Also, make sure the wrap is not too tight.

So, boxing hand wraps are one of the safest ways to wrap your hands. Professional boxers often favor wrapping their hands within their fingers. If you have a few longer slings, also you can use them. This one is an excellent option for those who need extra support.

Written by John Smith


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