The Best Budget Gaming Earbuds in 2021

The best budget gaming earbuds will help you dive into your games for less tedious, Whether you’re gearing up for the next generation of consoles or trying to pull the highlights out of your current library. Because it’s possible to look for some fabulous headphones for under $ 70.

As our picks below demonstrate, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to listen to the enemies coming in Call of Duty: Warzone or get lost in the neon cityscapes of Cyberpunk 2077. Because best budget gaming earbuds can also do double duty. Function like voice and video chat, And tools are great if you’re performing from home and can work on the PS5 and Xbox Series X as a PC.So Read our picks for the best budget gaming earbuds you’ll buy right away.

What are the best budget gaming earbuds?

SteelSeries Arctis is our pick for the best budget gaming earbuds overall, offering a sleek, inviting design that features excellent equivalent audio drivers you’ll find in the more premium SteelSeries earbuds. We’ve also long been a fan of the HyperX Cloud Stinger, which features an extremely comfortable and rugged design that hides its affordable $ 50 tag.

Other fabulous earbuds within this price range include the Astro A10, which takes some design cues from the more premium A40 and A50 while delivering incredible sound with a set of lightweight and smooth headsets. We also adore the PDP LVL50 Wired Stereo earbuds, which come in both PlayStation and Xbox brand varieties, but work well with just about any platform due to their universal 3.5mm connection.

Here are the list of best budget gaming earbuds.





SteelSeries Arctis headphone

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Headsets

HyperX Cloud earbuds

HyperX Cloud Stinger Earbuds

astro budget earbuds

Astro A10 HeadPhone

razer kraken earbuds

Razer Kraken X Earbuds

pdp best budget earbuds

PDP LVL50 Wired Stereo Headset

corasir hs50 budget earbuds

Corsair HS50 Headset

hyperx budget gaming earbuds

HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 Earbuds

mpow gaming earbuds

MPOW EG3 PR Gaming Earbuds


1-SteelSeries Arctis 1 Headsets (49$ to 59$)

steel gaming earbud


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SteelSeries Arctis 1 budget gaming earbuds offers just about everything right from the rest of the excellent SteelSeries Arctis lineup at only $ 50. This earbud includes a simplified version of the stylish and distinctive SteelSeries design, with soft fabric ear cups and the same drivers. You will find it in high-end Arctis models. We found the Arctis 1 to be reliable for just about every game genre, and it lagged incredibly well when we played competitive online shooter games like Overwatch.

His removable microphone and convenient 3.5mm connection are the right playmates, whether you’re on the road with your | together with your Switch or reception with your PC. Although it does not offer With world-class automatic adjustment comfort equivalent to that of its more expensive brothers and will have a much better microphone, the Arctis 1 offers several of the performances more straightforward than you’ll find in this price range.


  • Good sound
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Removable microphone
  • Imperfect fit


  • Poor microphone quality


2-HyperX Cloud Stinger Earbuds (48$ to 55$)

hyperx earbud


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The HyperX Cloud Stinger features an adamant design, soft padding, and huge ear muffs, that keep the game around your ears instead of pressing on them. It is the top cosy set of the group. The in-ear audio control is an intuitive slider that is easy to use while wearing, and thus the cable terminates during a splitter for earbuds and microphone use without having a USB pass-through.

Unfortunately, the audio got cut off at higher ranges, and sometimes a painful touch to experiment with, So which may be the fault of the onboard volume controls pushing things too far at maximum work. Still, if comfort is your top priority, HyperX Cloud Stinger is among the best budget gaming earbuds you’ll ever buy.


  • Very comfortable design
  • Convenient controls, affordable price


  • The sound turns off at higher ranges


3-Astro A10 HeadPhone(59$ to 69$)

astro headphone


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Astro A10 is proof that Astro can offer quite expensive high-end gaming earbuds. Because A10’s sleek design takes some cues from its more premium siblings like the A40 and A50, These showing a surprising level of favor and solidity for a peripheral that costs just $ 60.

The lightweight budget gaming earbuds frame and soft memory foam ear cushions are ideal for long sessions, although their earbuds may be more comfortable for people with large ears. Because most importantly, the A10 offers excellent sound for its value, with crumbly highs and lows that make it easy to hear the competition ahead.


  • Elegant and durable design
  • Impressive audio performance
  • Clear microphone
  • Affordable


  • A little comfortable in use


4-Razer Kraken X Earbuds (49$ to 57$)

razer earbuds


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The Razer Kraken X can be an excellent budget gaming earbuds, with good sound in one of the most attractive designs that Razer has produced thus far. Unusual from the bulky structure of old Razer earbuds, Because the Kraken X is shiny, precise, and weightless, with leather-covered ear cups that are comfortable to wear for hours on end.

The 3.5mm earbuds connection works seamlessly with consoles and PCs, So delivering well-balanced sound for competitive and immersive games. We wish the headset had better musical performance and a removable microphone, but this is usually a great overall best budget gaming earbuds.


  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good sound in-game


  • Nasty microphone
  • Unsatisfactory musical performance
  • Surround sound, not unlike stereo


5-PDP LVL50 Wired Stereo Headset (47$ to 49$)

pdp budget earbuds


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The PDP LVL50 Wired Stereo earbuds offer reliable, no-frills gaming audio for an attractive $ 50 tag. While it comes in different variations from the PlayStation and Xbox brands, its 3.5mm cable makes it suitable for use. with almost any platform or mobile device.

Earbuds shells are decently comfortable, but we would have liked them to be a bit softer and needed more precise fit options. You will get good audio performance for both driven multiplayer games and inviting solo adventures with these best budget gaming earbuds. The LVL50 may be a stable value, but we didn’t find its fit or mic quality to be on par with other budget competitors.


  • Decent game sound
  • Cheap price
  • Works with any system


  • Simple design
  • Regular fit
  • Unsatisfactory microphone


6-Corsair HS50 Headset (49$ to 55$)

corsair earbud


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The Corsair HS50 may be decent entry-level earbuds, Because offering a comfortable fit and decent gaming audio for the value. The foam ear cups stay comfortable during long gaming sessions and rotate up and down to fit your head better.

The HS50’s detachable mic gets the job done quickly in multiplayer sessions, and therefore the overall build quality of the gaming earbuds is reliable for a budget model. Our only find with the HS50 is that it is incredibly straightforward, with a seamless all-black design and no special extra features.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Decent game audio
  • Good price


  • Disappointing musical performance
  • Out Dated design

7-HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 Earbuds (49$ to 57$)

hyperx earbuds


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The HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 may upgrade to the HyperX Cloud Core II, one of the best budget gaming earbuds out there. Like its predecessor, this headset offers comfortable leatherette earcups, intuitive inline controls, and impressive overall game audio.

These budget gaming earbuds also supports effective surround sound, making it easier to hear rival better in competitive games and immerse yourself in narrative adventures. The headset quality is a helpful portable microphone, and also have USB and 3.5mm connection choice for use with any game comort, PC, or mobile device.


  • Good overall sound
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to use


  • Regular console performance
  • Inconsistent microphone


8-MPOW EG3 PR Budget Gaming Earbuds(25$ to 30$)

mpow gaming earbuds


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The EG3 Pro is the other excellent budget gaming earbuds Mpow has to offer, alongside the EG10. The EG3 Pro may be a more solemn and sturdier model, with a sturdy feel and looking metal parts that hold the helmets up and confederate. It’s going to be too big for smaller heads, except for most people, the oversized, thick cushions will fall comfortably around the ears. Mic makes your voice sound loud, although some of the highs that accompany your say on the EG10 are lost. The EG3 Pro pays more attention to the mid-tones On game sounds, making it easier to place the action to your left and right; although this emphasis can make the sound a bit harsh at times, a drag all mid-boosted gaming headset have. He is still an exquisite artist for the cash.


  • Thick and very soft padding
  • Very comfortable
  • Console and PC compatible
  • Good sound quality
  • Fantastic price


  • Easy to drive sound from a metal frame
  • The microphone does not come off.
  • Pretty big






tronsmart sono gaming earbuds


mpow budget gaming earbuds


asus budget gaming earbuds


somic gaming earbuds

SOMIC G936N Gaming Earbuds

kotion budget gaming earbuds

KOTION EACH G2000 Gaming Earbuds

Beach gaming earbuds


nubwo n11 budget gaming earbuds

NUBWO N11 Gaming Earbuds


9-TRONSMART SONO Budget Earbuds (25$ to 35$)

tronsmart gaming earbuds


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The Tronsmart Sono can be best budget gaming earbuds for full everyday use. It even looks formal (and regular) enough to wear to Zoom meetings. The Sono has an impressive microphone that makes it sound natural, clear, and full. The sound quality of the games is pleasant, with well present bass and controlled mids and highs. The sound also has some spaciousness but could use more positioning details. If you might also want your headset for music playback, the Sono might be a good pick – it sounds warm, relaxed, and full, with plenty of bass and room. The mic is detachable, so you’ll even use it outside without looking too weird. In terms of comfort, your ears may rub the inside of the cups, but the pads are soft and breathable and don’t heat up quickly.


  • Value for money
  • Great sound.
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Quality of materials


  • The pads are not replaceable.
  • They do not isolate the maximum amount of external noise like other models.


10-MPOW AIR SE/ MPOW AIR II Budget Earbuds (25$ to 30$)

mpow gaming earbuds


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Not to be confused with the wireless Mpow Air, this SE or II budget gaming earbud model remains wired. Because It feels well built, with plastic materials mixed with some metal parts, like the hinges. The thick earpads seem quite comfortable at first, but your ears can get warm after a short period. The microphone convinces; his voice sounds clear if a little flat. The sound is also lovely, with robust bass and lower tones. Still, it is thin in mids and positioning of the sound, which makes this less suitable for competitive games, especially since other people’s voices sound warm to fight an excess amount of on-screen action.


  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Detachable, flexible, noise-canceling microphone
  • Immersive 3D sound
  • Memory foam plush cushion
  • Inline audio controls
  • Durable and lightweight construction


  • It doesn’t look good


11-ASUS ROG DELTA CORE Earbuds (49$ to 90$)

asus headphone


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This ASUS ROG gaming earbuds has an excellent look and builds quality, but if the cushions triangular don’t fully cover your ears, the Delta Core can put a lot of pressure on your ears. However, the Delta Core is exceptionally comfortable for smaller ears, with either the synthetic fur or the supplied breathing cushion. The microphone presents your voice clearly and naturally, but brighter background sounds are heard. Sound-wise, many basses rumbled slightly, but the mid-tones are creamy and smooth. Unfortunately, the sound positioning is lacking; there’s little separation between the various sound effects, giving the Delta Core a handicap for competitive gamers.


  • Super comfortable
  • Great audio quality


  • D-shaped ear muffs are not suitable for everyone.
  • High price then others


12-SOMIC G936N Gaming Earbuds (40$ to 60$)

somic headphone


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If looks count, maybe discard this one. The Somic G936N budget gaming earbuds looks like a 100-year-old pilot team. It is moderately comfortable – the scarf is soft, but large helmets can also be too heavy and low for your ears. Speaking of pilot gear: the microphone displays a noticeable on/off sound like a walkie-talkie when you talk, but your voice sounds clear and loud. The 936N comes with a standard 3.5mm audio jack to connect to any controller, but it also features a USB remote with various adjustable volume and mute settings for PC and Mac gaming.

They can use these options, and they miss a volume and mute control option (which means -1 for the full score). Fortunately, the Somic offers a spacious sound with good bass and controlled mids and highs. You could use more precise positioning, but it’s one of the giant surround sound earbuds under $ 100.


  • USB 7.1 virtual surround sound effects
  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • Good quality microphone
  • Wonderful game precision


  • Only usable on PC
  • The quality of the music is diluted.

13-KOTION EACH G2000 Gaming Earbuds(20$ to 25$)

kotion headphone


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The Kotion Cada G2000 won some older gaming earbuds tests from YouTubers, So it’s easy to see why – its mid and high tones are wildly loud, making it super easy to spot footsteps and shots around you. For precisely the same reason, the G2000 can also be very difficult to enjoy – there is often an overdose of harsh and piercing sound effects. Because people’s voices even sound bright, there may be an excessive number of events within the sound. The surprisingly large earpiece features a hard plastic headband and slim ear pads, making it only half comfortable. The mic is pretty good. However, it features your voice bright and clear.


  • Excellent sound
  • Looking great
  • Awesome price


  • Bass mic


14-TURTLEBEACH RECON 50P Gaming Earbuds (20$ to 25$)

beach earbuds


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The very popular TurtleBeach Recon 50P budget gaming earbuds often retails for as low as $ 20, but it doesn’t impress. Inexpensive plastic materials may appear sturdy and lightweight, but the small helmets and thin headband continue your head, and wearing them for a couple of hours is not comfortable. While the microphone sounds clear, the sound is low, dark, and stuffy. It’s not unfortunate for single-player games, except for competitive games, it lacks space and details around you.


  • Sound quality
  • Comfortable
  • Microphone
  • Use with Xbox


  • Connections problem


15-NUBWO N11 Gaming Earbuds (20$ to 30$)

n11 earbuds


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For single-player games, the Nubwo N11 could be on your waiting list. These budget gaming earbuds has classic cinema sound, with a lot of attention on bass and warmer tones, and a fantastic sound location – different areas where the game can sound different from the background noise. There is not enough emphasis on the media For competitive matches, making the footsteps challenging to hear. It’s not very comfortable either because the pads have a vast holding force on the ears and cheeks. The microphone is below average: a bit like sports sound, your voice sounds dark and heavy. People can also frequently hear the ‘opening’ of your fortissimo microphone, which can be tiring for your friends.


  • Good to play games
  • Excellent for action games with intense sound effects
  • Soft and comfortable leather padding


  • Not suitable for music lovers.


How these budget gaming earbuds are tested and rated:

Comfort and construction

all earbuds are worn for up to six hours (at least 3 hours) during a row, not just in gaming sessions; also on regular business days. Comfort is tested by pressure on the head; weight, headband, padding, comfort cushion, breathability, comfort with and without glasses. The earbuds can be raised to five stars for comfort quality, an average of scores for scarves and pillows. That is why half scores can occur.

Microphone quality

All earbuds are tested in live sessions on both PlayStation and Xbox and during a dedicated laptop + Discord blind test setup with three experts: a gaming enthusiast, a HiFi specialist an expert podcaster. Before each earbuds, I didn’t tell you which model I could try to filter out any brand and price bias. Thanks again for your extensive and honest feedback on mic quality, Matthijs, Corne, and Henry. Microphone quality is rated from 1 to five stars for each model.


All earbuds are tested on the latest Xbox One and PlayStation 4 series, the way most gamers play – with the 3.5mm audio jack plugged directly into the controller. Some USB powered earbuds are tested through the PlayStation 4’s USB port. I steered clear of expensive audio setups, amps, and EQs – these budget gaming earbuds are tested in the way they’re most often used.

Gaming sound quality

For gaming sound performance,all budget gaming earbuds are tested on overall sound quality, bass, mid/treble, and sound positioning – the power of hearing footsteps and gunshots all around you. The latter gives you a plus in online games, Because games played for testing are not limited to Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (of which the voices inside the player’s head dictates the positioning of the audio), and Halo 5 multiplayer: Guardians, which can be a fantastic test suit for audio positioning. Headphones typically receive 5 points for game sound, a self-adjusting average for three factors: sound positioning, bass, mid/high.

What about ‘7.1 virtual surround sound’?

During the test, some budget gaming earbuds claim 7.1 bound sound, including the Sades A6 and Klim puma. This feature only works on PC and Mac and not on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or phones. The ‘7.1 surround sound’ simulation requires a USB port and a software driver, which game consoles do not offer. Although you will connect USB earbuds to your PlayStation, will not generate such an impact. Rest assured: you don’t need it. During this test, The headphones are extensively tested on sound positioning, and some perform stellarly without a simulated 7.1 effect.

Sound quality for music

While not the most prominent focus during this test and does not affect the sound quality score, all gaming earbuds are also tested for listening to music, with songs always equivalent (pop) on Spotify, always on a computer equivalent laptop. Again: no amp, no EQ, just easy daily use. You will see the sound scores inside the spreadsheet + the overall score with the music score included here.

Volume Controls

Most budget gaming earbuds have volume controls on the remote within the chord or directly on one of the earbud. However, some do not. That was such avast annoyance and appears in user reviews so frequently of a volume slider shortage leads to a 1 point deduction from the total score.



Q: What I look for when buying gaming earbuds?

The type of game you play, how often you play, and even what you play all depend on it. For instance, if you play games entirely on a PC, you will choose a USB earbud over one with a 3.5mm jack. Alternatively, if you dive into long gaming sessions, you’ll want to sacrifice sound quality rather than comfort. Choose the factors that are important to you and find gaming earbuds that meet the right requirements.

Q: How much I spend on budget gaming earbuds?

As you’ll see from our roundup, So you don’t need to spend tons of cash to urge honest, quality gaming earbuds. Even on a budget, Because it’s easy to get wired gaming earbuds with 7.1 surround sound, a detachable mic, and a modern look. While you will undoubtedly find better microphones for the extra money, budget gaming earbuds will be ready to meet most gamers’ needs.

Q: Can the wired budget gaming earbuds be repaired?

Most wired budget gaming earbuds are often repaired if something goes wrong. Sometimes this is usually an easy solution, such as a software update, while other times, replacement parts are needed. If a sliding fit piece has broken, So you will usually find earbud parts through amazon or contact the manufacturer. If your earphone cable has died, it is not too difficult to repair. Although it may not necessarily sound like expert work, cable repair is usually much less expensive than replacing all earbuds.


It’s not hard to find a best budget gaming earbuds at a reasonable price. They start to get pretty good, starting at around $ 60, so you don’t have to go broke to find the right one. Gaming earbuds like the Tronsmart Sono and the Mpow Air SE offer reliable and easy experiences at a low price. And even once you start approaching $ 100, options like ASUS ROG DELTA CORE and SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless provide great experiences. I mentioned in this post and you should end up with something that fits you.


Written by John Smith


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