How To Connect Laptop To Monitor – 5 Simple Ways

Five simple ways to connect the laptop to monitor

Did you know that nine people have a PC or laptop computer in 10 connected homes in America? What is more than 90% of American furniture has a TV connected to the Internet? Right! There are about 269 million computers only in America.The original screen display may be too limited, as if you are unique, like a PC and a laptop. Especially for people who have to open multi-tasking and more programs and applications than the average user. The great news is, There are many ways the connect laptop to monitor so that you can have more display screens with a laptop.

Are you ready to take the top edge of your laptop? Then read because you can deal with five of the best ways to connect your laptop to the external screen!

connect laptop to monitor

1-Connect the LAPTOP to the monitor using the HDMI cable.

HDMI represents a high-definition multimedia interface, and Today is one of the most common audio/video standards used. You can pass a high-definition AV signal with a single cable.

Most modern laptops under 500 have at least one HDMI port that can connect to the computer screen. Only the HDMI cable should bring your end to the end of the laptop and other limitations.

Before purchasing an HDMI cable, you must first check the display input on the monitor. Like DisplayPort input, ensure an HDMI port while the HDMI port is in the information. However, it seems to be provided with the HDMI port with one of the best high-definition monitors.

2-Expand the display with the DisplayPort cable

DisplayPort (DP), such as HDMI, can also send HD audio and video signals on your laptop. DP is more often than HDMI on the computer screen.

There is a way to inform the laptop and monitor display ports to view the harbor itself. DP has five sides, and there is a corner on the right. The HDMI has eight in-one, and the left and right angles seem to be the same.

Even if the laptop has both HDMI and DP output, the monitor can only have DP input. In this case, you must bring a male-female dual displayport cable. One end enters the DP output of the laptop. The DP input on the external screen proceeds.

3-Connect to USB-C cable

Some laptops may also provide USB-C “Thunderbolt 3” video output. If you have this port on the monitor, you can configure the laptop display to expand.

You can connect the USB-C output directly to the USB-C input on the monitor and USB-C output on the laptop. You can also use the USB-C adapter for HDMI or DisplayPort inputs.

4-Use the DVI cable

The Digital visual interface (DVI) among all display options in this list is “the oldest.” Meaning it is also the lowest in terms of video quality. However, you can still display the resolution of up to 2560 x 1600.

If you have a previous computer screen, there is an excellent opportunity to use only the DVI input. You can easily connect DVI cables laptop to monitor, but do not expect fantastic video quality. If you are looking for a premium display, invest in the monitor upgrade.

5-Displayport to HDMI Import adapter

There is a DisplayPort output on your laptop but prefers an HP monitor with an HDMI cable. In this case, you can use the DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter or DisplayPort-to-HDMI dongle.You can also find adapters and dongles to convert signals such as HDMI to VGA. This display enhances the power of the laptop with expansion technology.

There is an ultimate guide to connect your laptop to an external display, regardless of whether an samsung or sony monitor, you can expand your laptop display because it is a suitable cable. This one allows you to get a multi-tasking bruise to the next step.

Written by John Smith


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