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Why Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air – Top Reasons

Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air?

car ac not blowing cold air

It is not a good experience to be stuck in a vehicle without an air conditioner. Ac are not just for rest. Instead, it is necessary to protect you. Because the car is which ac not blowing cold air, the temperature can increase. Sometimes temperatures can go above 100 degrees, which is dangerous if your car ac not blowing cold air. So you need to take immediate steps for it because it is not suitable for your health.

Top Reasons Your Car Ac Not Blowing Cold Air

car ac

Refrigerant Leaking

Whenever your car’s air conditioning does not work, so first that comes to our mind: the vehicle compressor’s refrigerant, namely vehicle compressor gas. If you do not have refrigerant in your vehicle compressor, your air conditioning will not work. One way to check the compressor’s refrigerant is that when you are driving a car. So in front of both seats, that happens to be the airflow grills. If there is a difference between the wind, cooling from one side, and the hot air is coming from the other side. So that means your compressor’s refrigerant is low.

The second way is that there are two service holes in the compressor. There is a Low-Pressure Service hole and the Second High-Pressure Service hole. You will get a low-pressure service hole cap and press it from the pin, and it will get a thing in the form of liquid and air. If its pressure is low, it means your compressor’s refrigerant is low. It means you need to re-fill the refrigerant.

Compressor Not Working

The second problem is causing your car ac not blowing cold air. They may be your car compressor. If your car is not working with a compressor, then your ac will not be even cooler. It is also a way to check it out of itself—you will on your air conditioner. Then see the belt and clutches under the compressor. If your belt is roaming and the clutch is not working. So that means your compressor is not working.

It is also the second way to check the compressor error. When you are driving the car, your ac is working. But When you are removing feet from the accelerator. Your ac leaves the cool air throwing. That means your compressor is not working correctly.

Electrical Error

Suppose your car’s air conditioner is not throwing cool air. So it can also be a reason. Your compressor is not working exactly, due to the compressor can not be reaching the electromagnetic. To check this, you can see by opening the fuse box. It has some fuses and electric panels relay. If any of them are defective, then the compressor does not work because of it. You can check the cables directly connected to the compressor if your compressor seems to work after. So that means you have some problems with your lines. Due to which the compressor is not reaching electricity, and he is not working.

Condenser Blocking

The condenser plays an essential role in giving you cool air. Therefore, there is some problem with the condenser. Then your car starts to provide hot air. That’s why you should check the condenser. Suppose dirt or anything else is blocking the condenser. Clean the condenser immediately.

Condenser Broken

One more reason for car ac not blowing cold air is condenser broken. Sometimes your condenser is damaged because of some reasons due to which your air conditioner stopped giving cool air. And if your condenser has been broked. So its best solution is to change it because it does not work well after fixing it.

AC Cooling Fan Issue

Error in the cooling fan can also be the reason to send the cool air of your car’s ac. Your cooling fan may have any defects or may be broken. That’s why check out your cooling fan. Suppose your cooling fan is boosted. So its best solution is its alternative.


In this list, we have described some reasons why your car ac not blowing cold air. Which you will guess what is the problem with your air conditioner. But you can not solve these problems with yourself. You will have to go to the mechanic workshop. But we hope our article will help you know why your car ac not blowing cold air. Hope Our detail will help you.

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