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How Long Does A Car Battery Last-Signs Of Down Battery

So what happens when your car won’t start when you hop in it. In the morning, or you just got off work, and you jump in the car. And you try to turn the key or depending on what type of car you have, you push that start-stop button, and it just won’t turn over. It might be time to restore your car battery, and since we’re talking about batteries. Let’s go ahead and discuss how long does a car battery last.

How Long Does A Car Battery Last?

Car battery

We’re talking about batteries, so make sure you stay to the end of this article. Because we are going to give you two pro tips. That’s going to save you some frustration and save you a ton of money. When it comes to replacing your car battery. Like any other battery, car batteries do have a lifespan. The batteries created today have a quality life expectancy of somewhere between 24 and 120 months; yes, that’s two years to 10 years. That does not mean you’re going to be riding around in your car with the same battery. That you had when you bought it for ten years. Newer car batteries can last about six to seven years because technology is getting pretty dang on good now. Older model cars or new cars that have does drive for a couple of years.

You probably want to replace your car battery after about two to three years. Now it’s pretty easy to replace a battery, but if you want someone to do it for you. You can take your vehicle run it up to like pep boys or an AutoZone or an advanced auto parts or something like any service place in your city. they can test the battery for you and take it out and replace it. There is an actual benefit to doing that because if you replace it at your house. Then you got to worry about disposing of the old battery.

If you let someone do it for your service center, then that not only will they put the new battery in. but they’ll take the old battery and dispose of it for you real plus. That’s a plus. You don’t want an old battery just lying around in your garage. Especially if you got kids now, you need to make sure you have the correct size when you buy a car battery. You want to confirm you have the proper amperage. Because all batteries do not create equal, and all vehicles also do not make similarly.

Think about your average everyday electronics you got triple a’s. You got double a’s you got d batteries and all that stuff well. It’s the same for your vehicle. Make sure you got the right size and the correct amperage. If you’re not sure, check your owner’s manual, and if you’re lazy, call your local dealership. Now everybody uses their cars and their trucks differently on the road. Mainly nationwide and with different climates. There are many scenarios where the truck battery life can last a little bit longer or a little bit less. but the average life expectancy of a truck battery is about three to five years.

Signs Of Your Car Battery Is Damaged

In-car batteries, we have got six symptoms to watch out for that a car battery gives off. When it’s at the climax of its life, or it’s dying. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that we talked about in this article. It’s time to go over to your local auto parts store. A lot of them will do load tests and cell tests for free on your battery.  to let you know if it’s still good, and that’ll tell you if you need to go ahead and get a replacement. So you don’t end up stranded somewhere.

1-Car Battery Age

So the first thing to look out for when our car battery fails it’s just going to be its age.  On the top of the battery, they’ll have a section that will tell you what time you purchased the car battery. That’s a good thing to do is write down the date because most batteries are only good for about three to four years. And that time will fly by quickly.

2-Slow Crank

Symptom number two is one that many people will probably notice before age one is what we usually do. That’s going to be a slow crank, so this battery, we believe, is getting pretty old. So we start our car. We should be able to hear a slow crank, and If it’s a bit cooler outside in the morning when you started the car, it struggles a little more. So that’s just something to watch out for. If you’re starting to get, you to know a lot more work before you know it begins. If it takes more or they’re slower and more spaced out, just in general if your vehicle’s harder to start.

3-Electrical Components Not Working Well

okay, symptom number three to watch out for is going to be electrical components. You know, acting funny if you get any suspicious activity going on in your gauge cluster. You know, maybe things blinking or dimming occasionally you will get. As you know, in your car, the battery symbol is right over in front. That comes on, which it does in some vehicles, and the battery gets terrible. Check it out get it tested. That’s a surefire way to know that the car battery is dead, or you know that it needs to be looking at. But it doesn’t always come on like in all cars.

If you notice any suspicious activity on electrical components. You know it could be Portable Car heater and Windows rolling up or down more slowly. Or it could be you know your dome lights don’t come on when you open the door, or they’re dim. when you do, the radio may display weird or not at all, just anything like that. You want to look out for things out of the norm or not operating seemingly at full power.

4-Sign of Leak or Corrosion In Battery

Alright, the fourth thing you’re going to look out for is you don’t want to raise your hood. Would you please take a look at the battery itself? If you can get good lighting, you’re going to look at the posts. You’re going to wanna inspect those for any corrosion or anywhere on the battery. If you’re looking for like a bluish greenish, yellowish kind of. You know, fuzzy-looking almost build-up, or maybe it kind of looks like hard water. And if you’ve got that on your battery, it means that you know. It’s got a leak for the battery fluid, and you’ll need to disconnect the battery cables on the top.

Wherever you’re going to want to take like a wire brush or some people even recommend coca-cola. And you are going to need to clean that corrosion off because it can mess up the connection between the cable and the battery leading to electrical problems, you know, throughout the cars.

5-Battery Swelling

when your car battery is going to be end-of-life, if you see these, it’s probably for sure time to go ahead and replace them. If you see any swelling on the case of the battery, the sides.  Also, you know, puffed out or the tops and puffed out anything like that. You’re going to want to go ahead and get it replaced. Because that means that the battery is overcharged and damaged. Batteries are full of sulfuric acid and water. That’s a dangerous combination to puffed up and at risk, you know, exploding or leaking or anything like that. So if you’ve got a swollen car battery, it’s time to replace it.

6-Bad Smell In Battery

The final symptom to watch out for is smell based on the fragrance like rotten eggs. That says sulfuric acid and that sulfur boiling within the battery. That usually means there’s some kind of it’s not airtight in here anymore, and some of the water and sulfuric acid mixture has evaporated. That causes the battery to boil, which generates that smell. So that can cause some smoke, so if you see smoke coming from the battery or any scent, it’s time to replace it. But anyways hope that fixes you guys up on batteries.

It’s just six easy signs to look for some of the more common things of when a car battery goes bad.

How Much Does A Car Battery Cost

Here are also a common ask question is “How much does a good battery cost?” You can expect to pay somewhere between $140. And up to $200 for a great battery. A good car battery will cost you somewhere between 130 and 140 dollars. And a great battery is going to cost you somewhere between 180, all the way up to about 215 dollars now. We know that’s a lot of money. But think about this for a second don’t go skimming around on the battery. You’re paying two three four hundred or five hundred dollars a month. whatever to lease a truck or to buy a car and this is something that your vehicle needs to work every single day, that brings us to the pro tips

Buying Guide And Tips For Car Battery

1-Tip Number One

Back in the 70s, the 80s, and early 90s, a battery would give you an indication. That it was going dead well that no longer happens with the new vehicles and the new technology. You can wake up today, and everything is fine. You go, you push your start button, and everything goes, you take off. and the very next day, you wake up, and you try it, and it just doesn’t work. We don’t know what that’s about, but if you have any indication that your car battery will need to be replaced based on the information we just gave you. Go ahead and do it now. Save yourself some frustration.

2-Tip Number Two

Buy your batteries online because when you buy online from anywhere like Amazon, you can ensure that you have all the correct specs in the battery you need. Plus, you can use cashback programs that will put money back in your pocket for and who don’t like it. To save money now, here’s another thing to want to do to save money. We like to use a credit cards. We use this because it’s a digital currency or a digital wallet. You can get money back and cash rewards and stuff like that. Also, you can buy, For example, 180 to a 215 dollar great battery for you in online deals for $160. Because in online sale deals are always on. We assemble some top-rated car batteries listing for you if you want to buy a new battery for your car. Check the Amazon links below.

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